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Thompson Hotels Chicago Creative Spirits x Ann Owen


Conscious living in the heart of Chicago.

Ann Owen, owner and designer of Logan Square’s newest store Owen + Alchemy shares her passion for the planet in her latest venture with partner and rising-star chef Jared Van Camp.

Pressed juices, elixirs and nutrient essentials are on offer in their creatively-charged, zen store. “We want our guests to feel 100% confident in the product, how it is sourced, and the (small) footprint it leaves behind,” says Owen. “It wasn’t easy, but we took a strong stand against using plastic bottles and have developed a recycling and commercial composting program. We also with small and local farmers with responsible practices, etc…so that we could feel really proud about the product we set forth.”

Here Owen reveals what she loves about her home city…

Three go-to places of inspiration  

1. For me, a long walk along Lakeshore Trail is therapeutic. The weight of the city juxtaposed against the water is awe-inspiring. It’s a place you can be surrounded by people yet also completely anonymous—which, strangely enough, sets the tone for me to do some of my best thinking.

2. I adore the Museum of Contemporary Art, MCA. It’s the perfect size to get lost in for an hour or so. I’ve been dying to get over to the David Bowie exhibit! The museum shop on the way out is my guilty pleasure. I’ve never made it out of there without purchasing something.

3. Logan Square. People watching in Logan is my jam, and wandering in and out of the local businesses always gets me inspired to do more with Owen + Alchemy. It’s such a creative neighborhood with a wicked sense of style and powerfully progressive residents.

Under-the-radar shops or restaurants that make me love my hometown

1. Asrai Garden is a fantasyland of all things botanical and eerily beautiful.

2. I recently discovered LabRabbit Optics, a funky little eyewear shop where you can find completely one-of-a-kind specs—it’s my new obsession.

3. I simply have to include Lula Cafe. It’s a super special spot with some of the best vegetable sides you’ve ever had.