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Thompson Hotels London Influencers x Sola Harrison


Reinventing evening wear at GALVAN

Icelandic-born Sola Harrison is all about reimagining what it means to dress up and have fun. Now she brings her stripped-bare and timeless design approach to her latest venture—the London-based label GALVAN.

What’s your story?

I started modeling from a very young age. I was discovered at 12 and traveling a lot by 13 and 14. By the time I was 23 I’d had my fill. That part of my life taught me so much, like how to be independent, but I was ready to stop. Then I decided to take a Masters in Psychology. I come from a very academic family and have always enjoyed studying and learning new things, but when the opportunity to start Galvan came along I could no longer deny that fashion was in my DNA.

What inspires your designs?

I work with our amazing designer Anna Christine Haas. Our last collection was heavily influenced by art. Two of my partners, Katherine Holmgren and Carolyn Hodler, come from the art world, so that was a natural place to start. Also, my grandfather was one of the leading artists in Iceland (an abstract expressionist painter). We used one of his paintings as a print for the 2015 collection. That collection will be inspired by Icelandic nature—lava, moss, glacial ice, steaming hot pools.

Where I Get Inspired

The Victoria & Albert Museum. They have a gorgeous fashion collection that spans over centuries of style.

Favorite London Boutique

Matches on Marylebone High Street because they have beautiful brands from contemporary to high fashion.

My Perfect Day

Beautiful brunch followed by a stroll in Hyde Park and a walk down Portobello market.