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Thompson Hotels Los Angeles Influencers x Orlando Soria


Designer By Nature

The LA Creative Director of Home Polish, Orlando Soria, describes his style as eclectic, Californian, organic, rustic, modern, industrial, with a dash of crazy artist. His biggest influences came from growing up in the woods within Yosemite National Park and spending his childhood visiting his grandparents on the Central Coast of California. “That’s where my woodsy/Big Sur vibe entered my style,” he explains. “I studied art for years and lived in New York, so that’s where the “crazy artist” comes in.”

With so much to draw on, it’s no wonder the founders of Hello Giggles Zooey Deschanel, Molly McAleer and Sophia Rossi enlisted his help to design their breezy new offices in Downtown LA.

Here are his thoughts and tips for making the most of la la land.
Why I’m an LA Lover
For me, Los Angeles exists as this amazing fantasy space. Some people look around and see traffic and strip malls. I see a city that is ever-evolving and built around creativity. LA is currently undergoing a renaissance and it’s creating a vibrant community that is fun to participate in.

How I Revamp a Room
Refresh your living space by giving it a deep clean. Then, move all your accessories around and add some new art. Changing things around, keeps you excited about your surroundings.

My Place of Inspiration
The Los Angeles County Museum of Art – LACMA. I look at the colors and composition of artworks for interior design inspiration.

Favorite Design and Furniture Stores

Lawson-FenningSunbeam Vintage, and Tortoise General Store (they have the best accessories/objects). To make a day of it, the best street to hit-up lots of vintage shops at once is Lankershim Boulevard in North Hollywood (start at Santiago’s Furniture and go from there). There’s a collection of amazing family-owned vintage shops along the street and they have great stuff at great prices — everything from deco, mid-century modern, and 80s pieces.

My Rose Bowl Flea Market Strategy

Go early and scour the whole thing quickly once for furniture items then go back for accessories. If you love something, put a deposit down on it. You don’t want to see some random person walking away with the piece you wanted. If you’re not sure, just wait. Vendors tend to lower their prices as the day wears on and as maybe something that wasn’t worth $500 at the beginning of the day is now $250.