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Sartorially Social – NYC’s Man About Town

Patrick Janelle is, without doubt a “man about town,” however we’d also describe him as a “man of the world”; because whether he’s snapping backstage candids at NYFW or hunting for the best mescal margarita in Kansas City, he brings an open-minded optimism to whatever he sees and experiences. His 284,000 Instagram followers of @ AGuyNamedPatrick feel the same way.

As the Director of the Spring Street Social Society he and his co-founder Amy Virginia Buchanan connect people, places and brands through carefully-curated dining and performance-based happenings that take place in unexpected places.

Here’s what he has to say…

I’m not one for quotes or words of wisdom. But one idea that motivates me is Make the First Move. I’m not content to take a back seat and wait to see what happens. I want to take the first step and set my dreams in motion.

My personal style changes with my mood. I live traditional structure and taste, but it’s fun to make bold choices as well. My style is about mixing refinement with a fresh perspective.

My obsession with food and fashion started from a pretty young age, I was obsessed with the lifestyle of food and fashion. In high school, I was reading equal parts Martha Stewart Living and Wallpaper Magazine. I’m pretty sure that mashup still shows through.

What do I love about social media? Besides making so many friends, I love that everyone is making something and everyone has an opinion. Food and fashion are increasingly becoming democratic.

Your three favorite under-the-radar men’s clothing stores:

Onassis, Save Khaki, Project No. 8—I love the fits at Onassis, and their price point is surprising low for what they offer. Save Khaki feels like a neighborhood shop but is actually really influential in its wholesale presence. Because they also feature a well-curated selection of products, the shop on Lafayette is my go-to spot for a quick gift. Project No. 8 is simple and the store sits in that great little LES quadrant close to Dimes and Lost Weekend.

My current favorite places to eat and drink are: Maison Premiere for drinking, Happy Bones for coffee, and Navy for lunch.