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If the Shoe Fits


Curious about kamiks? Perplexed by paduka?

Toronto has an entire museum dedicated to the shoes of the world!

It’s hard not to want every item inside of the Bata Shoe Museum—there are 12,500 shoes to choose from! The collection of 16th Century Venetian footwear and Vivienne Westwoods may strike your fancy.

Kids and adults will be similarly struck dumb by the thoughtful and fun exhibitions. For example, the “Fashion Victims” show explores the pleasures and perils of dressing in the 19th Century, while another wing is dedicated to footwear through the ages with an array of precarious stilt-like contraptions on display. At every turn you’ll be amazed by how history is reflected in how we adorn our feet.

Talks, lectures and rotating exhibitions are on show all year round and December 13th there is a Christmas Crafts day for kids.

The Bata Shoe Museum is located 327 Bloor St. West, in downtown Toronto. The Museum is right at the southwest corner of Bloor Street West and St. George Street. Open seven days a week.