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Fashion of the future

Stylish, sleek and sustainable—designer and tailor Daniel Bernado fuses fashion and humanity, one tailored-shirt at a time at Glass House Shirt Makers.

“The philosophy behind Glass House is to shine a light on the fashion industry and show that a product can be completely consciously and sustainably sourced and manufactured,” says Bernardo. “And all while creating a beautiful garment that looks and feels great.”

Here he shares his guide to finding the perfect fitting shirt and reveals what he loves most about his hometown:

What prompted you to start the company?

The impetus that brought Glass House to fruition was not being able to find a truly slim fit shirt created by a company that held the same values I do.  I’ve been sewing for 16 years and was altering all these shirts to fit me better — then I decided to create a product that not only I could use, but a product for all those conscious men making smart choices around their food, transportation, and fitness, and now their style. 

Do you remember your first nice shirt? Why is good tailoring important to you?

My first “nice” shirt: I remember the details, the craftsmanship, the quality material and construction. The problem was that it didn’t fit me until I took it in on the sides and the sleeves. Great tailoring is important because that’s simply another part of creating a sustainable product: You’ll want to wear it, it’ll last, and it fits amazingly.

What should a guy look for in a shirt?

Fit, fit, fit.  Know your body shape and wear a shirt that compliments it.  The second piece is material, make sure it’s soft and comfortable, and will feel great on your skin.

What three places in Chicago inspire you?

1. Lake Michigan. I look out onto it and I remember that I am just a small piece of this enormous functioning ecosystem. It’s humbling.

2. The South Loop. There’s a diverse and lively community. It’s growing rapidly, but holds its history.

3. The Garfield Park Conservatory for lush nature in the city.

Can you describe your perfect day in Chicago?

It involves a Chicago-roaster’s coffee, great locally-based food, a Glass House shirt (obviously), conversations with good friends, my motorcycle, some hard work for Glass House, time to relax, and getting to bed early! And sunshine, abundant sunshine.