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Thompson Influencer X Dominique Porter


Always Artistically Curious. A curator on-the-rise in the city of dreams.

Born-and-bred Los Angelino Dominique Porter knows a thing or two about the burgeoning art scene in her hometown—she’s an artist and milliner in her own right—she’s also done time at galleries around the city (and overseas) like the Dennis Hopper Art Trust and more and she’s currently lending her keen eye to Gagosian’s Beverly Hills outpost. All this is to say that she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to searching-out the best contemporary art in the city.

Here she reveals what she loves most about L.A. and where you can hope to find the best artistic talent on show.

What was the best thing about growing up in LA?

Both of my parents grew up here and almost all of the rest of my family still call Los Angeles home, so I have deep roots in this city. It’s really special to feel that sort of connection to a place that really doesn’t have a singular identity. I think the fact that Los Angeles is almost without identity is wildly freeing. Growing up here, I don’t think you can help but pick up on that freedom from definition. Another thing I loved about growing up here was driving. I’m not talking about traffic. I’m talking about cruising all across the city with your friends with music blaring and no particular destination. I loved that. Maybe all teenagers love that.

Where does your love of art come from?

It must come from my family. I can’t remember a time in my life when art was not a part of it in some way.

How would you describe your personal style? 

I would never in a million years be able to describe my personal style in earnest. I don’t take myself that seriously and it’s always changing. Someone once told me that my style was Iggy Pop meets Georgia O’Keeffe. Though I don’t quite see it, it’s one of the best compliments I’ve ever received. If I’m being honest, my style icons would be fictional characters like Auntie Mame or Shirley Maclaine in What a Way to Go!

What are your three go-to places for inspiration in LA?

The Huntington Library and Gardens, The beach on a weekday, and Korean spas in Koreatown—the Himalayan salt rooms to be exact (excellent place to think!).

How would you spend a day exploring the LA art scene? 

You’d probably need to split it into two days to be perfectly honest. Maybe one day I’d dedicate to museums and the other to galleries. I live on the eastside so I would start east and work my way over. For museums, I wouldn’t miss the MOCA, LACMA, Hammer, The Museum of Jurassic Technology and The Getty Center. I’d end my day at The Getty and grab a bite at The Hungry Cat on PCH.

For my gallery day, I would start east again. I would definitely do my research beforehand and would check out what Mission 356, The Mistake Room, Papillion, Regen Projects, Honor Fraser, M+B, Hannah Hoffman, Various Small Fires, and Kayne Griffin Corcoran have up. I’d end my day in Venice at the TEAM Bungalow and meet up with friends for dinner in the area.

Of course, one needs sustenance for days like these so don’t forget to eat! Ideally, I would have sushi for lunch. Sugarfish has locations all over the city so it would easily fit into my art trek across Los Angeles.