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Thompson Miami Influencers X Ashley Liemer


The best kind of wardrobe change

Designer and founder of Noble Uniforms, Ashley Liemer, recently designed the Thompson Miami Beach’s staff outfits with custom printed fabrics inspired by the glitz and grace of 1950s and 60s Miami Beach. Here she shares her journey to landing the most coveted gig in the city and more.

How did you get into design?

I started sewing when I was five years old, when my grandmother gave me her old sewing machine. It was something that was always inside of me, after graduating from the University of Miami I accepted a position in finance believing I should put my business school education to use. It wasn’t until the financial housing crash of 2008 when I decided to embrace the concept of pursing a fashion career. I started as local tailor in Miami Beach and in five short years have created a thriving and ever evolving fashion company that provides ready to wear men’s clothes, high end custom uniforms for boutique hospitality brands, a full service high end tailor shop and baby hipster short company called Billie Blooms.

Who is one of your favorite designers?

Paul Smith. I love how he takes a traditional garment and applies his own personality to the piece

What do you look to for inspiration?

I find for inspiration in classic and iconic items. This could be a famous building in New York or a vintage 1970’s Porsche that drives by me on the highway. I’m interested in how things work and how they’re created and how they’re manufactured. From the gears on my bicycle to the movements in a watch I’ve always been fascinated with practical and functional objects.

What are your three favorite boutiques or stores in Miami and why?

1. Shoe Gallery. I love getting cool sneakers. I’m trying to keep up with my husbands Air Jordan collection.

2. Robert Fontaine Art Gallery. If you don’t know Robert you should. He’s what Miami wants to be and is trying really hard to become

3. Shell lumber. My favorite “furniture store” I could decorate my entire home with their exotic wood supply and concrete cinder blocks. Give me a hardware store any day of the week over a department store.

Describe your perfect day in Miami

My favorite day in Miami, starts with riding my bike to south point park, where I will then go for a run on the beach. I’ll have lunch at My Ceviche. The next chapter of the day will take place off the beach where I will get lost within the streets of Wynwood and downtown Miami where I will spend hours observing the street art.  Once I am back on the beach in the afternoon I might want to jump in the ocean and hang out on the sand bar for a few hours with my husband.