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Everyone Needs an Los Angeles Vacation

Art & Design

Delacroix’s famed Romantic painting visits the coast

All the way from L.A.’s sister city Bordeaux, Eugène Delacroix’s painting Greece on the ruins of Missolonghi, painted in 1826 (and one of the most celebrated French paintings of the 19th century) is on show at the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art until the 15th of February. Executed shortly after the Greek war of independence from Ottoman occupation, when Turkish troops besieged the city of Missolonghi, the woman portrayed symbolized the fate of the Greek people after the violet uprising. Delacroix was hoping to find sympathy in his French viewers.

There’s so much to see at LACMA in January. Also, check out James Turrell’s hypnotizing light sculptures, the Japanese Samurai armor exhibit, and modernist jazz paintings.

If you’re feeling like connecting with your prehistoric ancestors, take a walk to the tar pits right next door—bubbling up sticky black goo from middle earth, where life-size woolly mammoths will impress the kids.

Everyone Needs an L.A. Vacation Admission is free on Sunday January 18th if you say the code phrase “LACMA9,” at the ticket counter.