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Costumes from the iconic films that influenced your childhood

Dorothy’s real ruby red slippers and blue gingham dress and more costumes from the Golden Age of cinema to the present will be on show until March 2nd in The Hollywood Costume Exhibit—a collaboration between the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London that brings 200 costumes together in one place from the most iconic films of all time.

The Academy’s presentation added more than 40 costumes to the show, including Jared Leto’s costume from Dallas Buyers Club (Kurt and Bart, 2013) – a recent acquisition from the Academy’s Collection – as well as costumes from such recent releases including The Hunger Games (Judianna Makovsky, 2012), Django Unchained  (Sharen Davis, 2012), Lee Daniels’ The Butler  (Ruth E. Carter, 2013), The Wolf of Wall Street  (Sandy Powell, 2013), American Hustle  (Michael Wilkinson, 2013), and The Great Gatsby (Catherine Martin, 2013).

Bonus: There’s no cost to enter, and the building is located right next to LACMA, so you can make a day of it. Get all the info you need to visit here.