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Classic with a Twist—Canadian Style

“Toronto is such an eclectic city made up of so many people that there’s no one quintessential look,” says Gracie Carroll, fashion blogger and former assistant to the Elle UK Fashion Features Director, Rebecca Lowthorpe. “You can be as laid-back or dressed up and crazy as you want and no one really bats an eye.”

Carroll is embracing her home city after spending many years abroad and nothing could pay homage to her favorite town more than launching an all-Canadian online shop and blog. Her most ambitious (and outright awesome) endeavor yet, is the super cool platform The Chic Canuck – a tastemaker’s guide to Canada—a celebration of Canadian business, entrepreneurs, design, travel, and everything in between, and we love it.

Check out her guide to the best places to hang in Toronto, and more.

What’s the hippest neighborhood in Toronto? What are your three go-to spots?

I’d say the hippest neighborhood is Queen West West (and surrounding areas) even though I prefer to hang out in Queen East which is where I live. My #1 go-to spot is definitely 416 Snackbar at Queen and Bathurst for their great food and atmosphere. My #2 spot is Gusto 101 on Portland for good Italian food and $1-an-ounce house wine. The space used to be an auto shop and I’m just obsessed with the interior design of the place. My new favorite is Rhum Corner on Dundas West because it reminds me of Miss Lilly’s in New York.

You moved back to Toronto after spending many years in London, what’s your favorite thing about being home? 

My favorite thing about being home is that my quality of life is SO much better. Sure, I miss going to incredible parties where I’d rub shoulders with Kate Moss, but honestly nothing beats getting to spend time with my close friends and family on a weekly basis.

If you had one day to hit the shops, which boutiques would you go to first and why?

I love The Narwhal boutique in Rosedale, Shop Sauvage on Queen West, and Jonathan + Olivia on Ossington. I’m also a bit of a designer deal hunter and often shop at consignment stores. My favorites are VSP on Dundas West, Fashionably Yours on Queen West, and I Miss You Vintage on Ossington.