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Monkey Business Tour

Out There

Where they run free and we are in cages (not scary ones)

When Joseph DuMond, an inquisitive animal behaviorist, released six monkeys into the wilds of a dense South Florida in 1933, he didn’t realize that seventy-five years later that small Java troop would become the Monkey Jungle home to nearly 400 primates that run free.

Over 30 species of primates, including gibbons, guenons, and spider monkeys live freely on a 30-acre reserve. Spending a day in this jungle, great ape sightings, wild monkey swimming presentations, orangutan training sessions and constant entertainment by crab-eating java monkeys diving for their meals. The area also contains the richest fossil deposits in South Florida.

The Monkey Jungle is open from 9.30am – 5.00pm, admission is $29.95.