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Salvador Dali’s Response to His Changing World

Art & Design

A new exhibition sheds light on how artists respond to the world

If you believe we live in a rapidly changing world in today’s digital age, think of the changes to society a century ago, when quicker communication, faster production, and wider circulation of people, goods, and ideas—in addition to the outbreak of World War I—produced a profoundly new understanding of the world.

Artists in the early years of the 20th century responded to these issues with both exhilaration and anxiety. Now, a new exhibition, Shatter Rupture Break, on view at The Art Institute of Chicago through May 3rd explores how Salvidor Dali, Kurt Schwitters and many more coped with and responded to the fragmentation and rupture of war, and how these themes became central conceptual and visual themes in art of the modern age. Check out the lecture about the show March 3rd  at the museum.

Leading Image Courtesy of the Art Institute of Chicago,  Salvador Dalí, “City of Drawers”, 1936.