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Connecting people through the sports they love

Daring, athletic and cheeky is an apt way to describe entrepreneur Jordan Silva who first fell in love with Miami’s outdoor lifestyle as a kid and then as a student at the University of Miami. Now after a few stints in other cities he’s finally calling Miami home, and boy, is he psyched about it.

This month, he and his business partner launched an ingenious new App called SportsBuddy a smart sport matching service that uses your geolocation and skill level as an athlete to match you with an appropriate partner you can challenge to a game.

Here Silva reveals where he goes for his thrill rides and more.

What’s the inspiration behind your App Get Sports Buddy and how does it work?

The inspiration behind SportsBuddy came from Pedro Ast, the CEO’s need to find tennis partners at his level after graduation. He played pro for 5 years then got a full ride at the University of Miami playing tennis; once he graduated he had a hard time finding players at his level around him.

We build technology to enable smart-matching, event management, and a discovery element so people can easily connect to play sports. We have built the worlds smartest sport-matching platform and discovery engine. People use SportsBuddy’s mobile application to connect with people to play sports, discover events and places around them, and easily manage and create their sports events.

My interest in healthy living comes from my family…

They are very health conscious and I guess it just rubbed off from an early age. My aunt and uncle started eating a Macrobiotic diet about 15 years ago, and I’ve had the privilege of attending multiple seminars they host in their home with top Macro Chefs from around the world. Once I figured out that for the most part through food and exercise you are in control of your own health, there was no looking back.

My dream day in Miami

Wake up early, ride my motorcycle down to Homestead Airport for some skydiving at Skydive Miami. On the ride back, I’d stop over for the best Dim Sum brunch at Tropical Chinese. Then go to the beach for the rest of the afternoon. End the day with dinner at one of Miami’s many good restaurants and I’m a happy man!

Best hidden workout spots

Miami has a ton of good spots. Oleta River Park is a gem, its Florida’s largest urban park, you can go mounting biking, kayaking and paddle boarding, it’s great!