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Thompson Hotels X Tribeca Film Festival: Door into the Dark at Storyscapes


As the festival comes to a close it’s hard to believe how much Tribeca Film Festival packed into the last ten days. Outside of the incredible films, they hosted dozens of talks, panels and parties as well as an immersive experience lab at Spring Studios called Storyscapes. We were lucky enough to grab a reservation and checkout a few of the technology driven interactions. Here is a short review of our favorite.

Door into the Dark

After a celebrated debut in England, Door into the Dark creators Amy Rose and May Abdalla of Anagram brought their sensory exploration exhibit stateside for festival goers to engage in the art of the unknown. Eyes covered and guided only by a floating voiceover narration in your headphones, you embark on a journey of blind trust. The experience starts with your hand on a rope and instruction to follow it through a door and into what seems to be boundless space. With incredible geolocation technology capturing your movement, the voice leads you through a series of short tales that tactically align with your surroundings. With each step we felt a bit more faith in the next and eventually our pace went from cautious to casual. It was hard not to grin at the surprise ending or feel completely in awe reflecting on the 40 minute out-of-body transference that only letting go can lead us to.