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Man of many talents

Matthew Holroyd, Creative Director of Baron Magazine and Online Editorial Director of Arena Homme has too many other titles to mention—let’s just say that he’s known to have one of the keenest eyes in London when it comes to art and creative direction. When he’s not collaborating with clients like Harvey Nichols, you’ll find him kicking back in South East London of his childhood, as low-key and kind as ever.

Here he shares some of his most-loved local spots, how he manages to do so much in a day, and what album he has on repeat right now.

Favorite London hood?

Having lived in London since the age of four, I have pretty much lived all over. Most of my childhood and teenage years were spent growing up in South East London, which at the time I was eager to escape and never to return, as it was pretty rough and run down. But after nearly 15 years away, I have just moved back to South East London, to an area called Brockley. I have to say the area has changed for the better and I have pretty much fallen in love with South East London again, especially as it is so close to Greenwich and Blackheath Village, which are kind of dreamy areas, and Woolwich, which is my home town and brings back lots of memories. I am also pretty fond of Lewisham; the centre hasn’t really changed since I was a teenager and it still feels like a good old south east London town centre.

Three go-to local spots

1.    The London Particular is great for lunch or dinner and serve English classics.

2.   Degustation, which is a French Deli just by Brockley Station and the place for cheese and wine.

3.   Lewisham market, which is a proper English Market for flowers and bargains, no gourmet sausage rolls here.

My typical workday

I work from home most days, which usually begins by uploading some smut to Baron Magazines social networking sites, followed by a coffee and a bossy phone call to my business partner. If I am feeling active I might go for a quick jog around Hilly Fields. But I usually try and start work by 10:00 or before, depending on deadlines. Work can be varied, at the moment I am working on the launch of Baron Magazine’s new website, which will be launched in the next couple of months and will be a platform for the magazine and will also contain an online erotic concept store, which will stock collaborations with various fashion designers and artists such as Harley Weir to Sebastiaan Pieter.

What I’m listening to on repeat right now

Marilyn Manson’s new album

Dream spring Sunday in London

Imagining it’s a sunny day; I love lounging on Blackheath common with good friends and drinks.