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Thompson Hotels Miami Influencers X DJ Dimples


Music on her mind

Here’s how to fall in love with music—have your dad sit you in front of a record player blaring Nina Simone, Luther Vandross, and Gladys Knight when you’re a toddler. Now have him sing to you everyday until you learn each word by heart. That is how it happened for DJ Dimples and she’s never looked back.

This weekend she will host Sweet Heat Miami (through May 18th) the rockin’ dance party she founded that draws over 40,000 fans. Later in the month she’ll be at House Nightclub (Thursday May 21st) and Space (Friday May 22nd). Obviously DJ Dimples is insanely plugged into the Miami scene so we asked her to reveal her best-of-summer song below, and more.

Where did you love of music come from?  

My first love will always be old school music but I fell in love all over again when my older sister came along with hip hop music! I’m just a lover of all things musical—it stimulates my soul.  Music is the ultimate healer for me, my drug of choice, if you will lol.

How did your DJ career start and at what point did you realize you could it your full time gig?

My DJ career started in high school when I was in orchestra class my guy friends were all djays lol. I always wanted to be big time and as much I love singing, I knew I didn’t have the nerve to do it in front of people. So my friends opened me up to djaying, and after seeing them do it a few times I went to purchase ALLLL of the equipment!  I wasted no time in perfecting my craft. I practiced and practiced until I was comfortable with what I had taught myself.  I listened and made friends with other djays then started going to their gigs and progressed from there.

I am and have always been an extremely self-motivated and determined woman. I always will be. Next thing you know I was djaying my high school parties, going to major clubs with other well known djays, hopping on during their sets going home after the club and practicing at 5 in the morning, which is where DJ Dimples was born. I soon realized I could make djaying my career when I had a 9-5 yet I was making more money djaying than at my day job. I was like OH NO I can’t do this anymore and became a full time DJ. I haven’t looked back since.

What are your three favorite “pumped for summer” songs right now?  

My three favorite songs right now have to be Win Again by Nicki Minaj, Drake’s Company and Ne’Yo’s She Knows.

How to spend a killer day in Miami…

My dream day in Miami would be on South Beach. I would eat breakfast at Front Porch Cafe, go jet skiing, then eat at Thompson Miami Beach and later visit the spa.  I would love to squeeze in a quick nap and then go out that night to hear one of my buddies DJ.