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Thompson Hotels Toronto Influencers X Agata Piskunowicz


A designer with a cheeky side

When Sly Eye designer and illustrator Agata Piskunowicz made a controversial (and super fun) poster illustrating Toronto neighborhoods by bike personality she certainly got the city talking. Her observations were so acute and playful that neighborhoods left out were vocally disappointed. Obviously she was the perfect person to ask about the best way to take in Toronto on two wheels. Below she shares her favorite biking paths and where to get a killer meal along the way.

Be sure to check out her adorable gift cards and other designs here.

What was the impulse behind your buzzy bike poster? Have you been
surprised by the response?

The idea had been on the shelf for the last year and this felt like the right time to release it. We really wanted to create a souvenir for Torontonians outside of the CN Tower and TTC themes and this was a fun insight about the different neighborhoods that only locals would understand. Cyclists are also a passionate group so we knew that it would be a great conversation starter.

The reaction was mostly positive. As a great cycling city, most people get the sarcasm and agree with the stereotypes. The only negative responses have been from people who felt they were under represented – For any neighborhoods that were left out, it’s not to say that there are no cyclists there, just that there isn’t such a distinct bicycle style.

Which is your favorite neighborhood for biking?

I don’t really have a favorite, but as a west ender I use the West Toronto Rail path to head down to little Portugal where I’ll grab a juice an ANTI VICE on college, then to Queen and Ossington to pick up some cut coffee from Sam James, then back to Stasis on Roncy to grab my favorite Bread, eggs and milk. Cycling is really the fastest way to get around to all the great spots that the city has to offer. We are truly lucky to have such access to diverse product. There’s no need to worry about afternoon traffic or street parking which can be tough to find.

What are your three go-to spots in that hood?

These are my favorite spots in my home turf The Junction:

– For art supplies I’ll hit up Above Ground or Articulations who always have some amazing window installations.

– For food, my main spots are Locomotive for a nice breakfast sandwich, CUT THE CHEESE for amazing Mac’n’Cheese, and my new fave, Honest Weight for fresh seafood and a delicious eat in menu. For Coffee, I go to Kaffe Bar for the simple Scandinavian vibe or if I’m working outside the office I’ll chill on the patio at FULL STOP which feels straight out of Berlin.

That’s all I do, buy art supplies, eat and drink lots of coffee…

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