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Summer deliciousness at Ribfest 2015

Food & Drink

Five days of tasty ribs, beer & cheese!

O Canada! Home to boundless landscapes, ice hockey, bears, and RIBS! Next Saturday is Canada Day, as well as the opening weekend of Toronto’s Ribfest! Now in its 16th year, the festival brings together the country’s best grillers, craft brewers, and artisanal cheese-makers—all topped off with a bevy of performances and entertainment. Importantly, the event is organized by the Rotary Etobicoke and sends all of the proceeds to local charities. So what are the highlights? How about the Bacon Explosion that sets off on Sunday? The wedding, yes a Ribfest Wedding on Saturday? Motown performances, a West Africa benefit concert, and (of course) a Led Zepplin tribute band! The five-day event is packed with events and deliciousness and is super kid-friendly so it’s definitely worth a visit! Catch the full schedule and more information here.
We asked Toronto local and highly-lauded creative Ben Weeks to create a custom illustration for Thompson Hotels, marking the festival but also Canadian summer which officially begins July 1st! Now get out there and have fun!