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Will you eat the worm? 

Mexican chef Enrique Olvera has been hailed as one of the greatest chefs on the planet. His New York endeavor, Cosme, one of the season’s most high-profile restaurants in a high-ceilinged Flatiron district space that used to house a strip joint has wowed critics and patrons alike. Now, his signature exhibition kitchen at The Cape, Manta is embracing the ingredients of The Sea of Cortez is new and innovative ways, while ensuring there are always handmade tortillas up for grabs somewhere on the hotel premises at all times.

In the vain of continuing excellence, you can refine your tequila knowledge and tastes with The Cape’s unique Tequila amenity experience. Think playful history lesson with a happy buzz. After all, everyone should know the origin of their mescal-spiked, cactus-studded margarita, shouldn’t they?