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The gold obsessed blogger makes her dreams come true

Jess Keys originally started The Golden Girl Blog because she was looking for a creative outlet—a place to channel all her passion about fashion, food, style and what’s going on in and around Chicago. “I wanted it to be an everyday source of inspiration for young women,” says Keys. “Like you’re reading an email from your best girlfriend, rather than a blogger who is mysterious and unrelatable.”

With her conversational tone and quirky insights she quickly found her audience and now her blog is the go-to destination for anything ladylike and Chicago related. Here she gives us her spring and summer trend insights and more.

What do you love most about your home city?

I love that Chicago has something for everyone; there are so many neighborhoods each with their own distinct personality. It’s a big city with a small town feel. Everyone is nice, down to earth, and supportive of one another. Plus, we have beaches next to our skyscrapers, and our rent is way cheaper than other big cities. What’s not to love? I’m a Midwestern transplant, and I’ve never looked back!

Where would you hang and what would you do on a day off in Chi Town?

That is SO hard! I think that question could go 100 different ways! My dream day would definitely be when the weather is nice, so I could start with a rooftop brunch at Zed451, enjoy a day of shopping on Michigan Avenue, take a water taxi to Chinatown for a bit of dim sum, relax on the beach, and then end with drinks and dinner at 90 Miles Cuban Cafe. After that, I’d be ready to crash into one of the heavenly beds at the Thompson. (It would be a stay-cation, after all!)

What spring/summer accessories or go-to pieces are you loving right now? 

In the summer, I love one-pieces. The easier, the better! Chicago often gets hot and sticky, so breezy jumpsuits, rompers, and dresses are perfect for every occasion. We like to be out enjoying the weather in the summer, not wasting an hour fussing over what to wear! My new white linen blazer is also a go-to. Its casual, lightweight, yet still has just the right amount of polish.

Do you have a life philosophy? How do you live by it every day?

I truly think that happiness is in direct proportion to the level of uncertainty you are comfortable with. I’ve recently come to realize that we only have one life, and that sometimes you have to leap in order for the net to appear. As scary as this is, I do my best to maintain a very clear vision of those things that compel me to leap out of bed in the morning. What’s the point in life if you aren’t enjoying it? Never stop working for what you truly love and believe in!