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Thompson Hotels Miami Influencers X Brian Ladder


Eyes of a city

For Brian Ladder being able to explore the streets of Miami and share his photos instantly with others has become an addiction, one that’s found him constantly looking for new spots to shoot and new ways to show a different perspective of Miami. His nearly 59K Instagram followers enthralled by his glorious and often-moody pictures only serve to reiterate his reputation as one of the leading creatives on the rise in Miami.

Here Brain talks to Thompson Hotels about his picture philosophy and more.

What’s your idea of beauty and what are you hoping to capture in your pictures?

Photographically, my idea of beauty is organized, colorful and dramatic. I like to capture simply composed shots that bring out the drama in a situation. Whether it’s epic sunsets or a plane emerging through a storm, I like to bring out the dramatic elements with saturated colors and high contrast.

When did you first start taking pictures and what attracts you to a subject?

I’ve taken pictures my whole life, but my passion grew stronger, three years ago, when I got my first iPhone and found Instagram. Although my Instagram is all iPhone, a couple years ago I bought a DSLR. It’s great for my professional work, but there’s no camera better than the one you have on you and I usually have my phone with me. I’m attracted to subjects that you may only see once in a blue moon. I like to find flashy cars parked in front of a perfect wall. I look out my window every day to see if the sunset is going to be special. I’m attracted to big landscapes that can make me feel small. Humans are such a small piece of this planet. I like to shoot things that give you the feeling that there is so much more to discover.

Is photography your full time gig?

Photography is not my full time gig but I’ve been blessed with some great jobs this year and I’m working to make it a full time situation. Currently, my day job is seasonal. I’m a server for the courtside seats at Miami Heat games. If you look close enough during a game, you can usually see me on TV! I’m also a musician. I play drums in a band that will be leaving on tour at the end of June. Be on the look out for some travel pics in the near future.

What are your three favorite places in Miami?

Well, my number one favorite thing in Miami is the beach. Being born and raised here, it’s hard for me to imagine living anywhere that isn’t 2 minutes from the water. My affinity for the ocean speaks through my photos. I love to shoot it. Another favorite place of mine is the recently developed—within the last five years—Wynwood arts district. The murals painted on all the buildings, the artists that are constantly in the area, and the emergence of great restaurants makes for a very inspirational atmosphere. Another favorite place for me too shoot is out by the airport. Miami International airport is one of the largest in the country. With planes constantly flying over, I love to find new ways to capture them. Whether it’s in a basketball hoop, between buildings or emerging from the clouds, chasing planes is always fun.