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Fringe Fest Fever


Be part of a cultural moment

Toronto comes alive for the first two weeks of July for what we like to call theater fever; otherwise know as gripping, emotional, jaw-dropping performances (including 60 comedy shows, 14 dance and physical theatre shows, 30 dramas, 13 musicals) hailing from cities as diverse as Tokyo, Glasgow, Melbourne, Limerick and Oakland.

The Toronto Fringe Festival offers such an array of eclectic performances it’s impossible not to get swept up in the fun and the creative energy. There are open-air bars, musical performances and so much more. If you have literary inclinations of your own and you’re looking for a full-on immersion experience, you can enter the 24hour playwriting contest—a guaranteed way to meet and collaborate with fellow Thespians.

Find out about other festival highlights (like the performance in a boxing gym and synagogue) here.