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The Proms Kick Off


Be a part of British tradition

What do Pete Tong, Mozart and Beethoven have in common? The BBC Proms, where classical music meets pop, jazz, cabaret and more.

Many of the world’s renown orchestras (from St. Petersburg to San Francisco) team up with super stars amidst London’s most elegant concert hall. The season starts July 17th and runs through September 12th culminating in the hottest ticket  event in town, The Last Night of the Proms.

Take your pick from the array of musical evenings. A Proms concert at the Hall is never “sold out” before the day, because for each Prom up to 1,350 standing, or ‘Promming’ places, are available in the Arena and Gallery on the day.

Promming is an essential part of the character of the Proms, a great British tradition, and allows you to enjoy world-class performances for just £5! If you want to plan ahead (or have a closer view) get your tickets now, here.