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Thompson Hotels Chicago Influencers X Soren Buchanan


A yogi with the ultimate street cred

Soren Buchanan started documenting the explosion of street art when she was university student in Miami in 2004, but it wasn’t until she moved to Chicago in 2009—the same time she embraced yoga as a way to energize in the cold winter months—that her two loves fused together.

Now her vibrant and jaw-dropping Instagram account @spritesoren inspires her 93K followers every day with epic yogi moves. For Buchanan, also a yoga teacher at The Lab Chicago in the West Loop, it’s the perfect way to embrace her playful side and interact with her surroundings. More often than not, she discovers the secret hidden walls solo and uses her iphone, tripod and timer to capture the moment. With her rising profile, she also collaborates with other Instagram photographers who help her visions come alive.

We hope you enjoy her luscious pictures!