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For Ozzy it’s all about the journey

Oscar Lusth has had many lives—adventurer, avid surfer, environmentalist, three-time Survivor contestant (including one-time runner up)—and knowing his exploratory nature, there are many more to come. Having helped open the culinary sensation Gjelina in Venice, California, he is now managing the Gjelina groups new bakery-deli-cafe, Gjusta.

When Ozzy wants to connect with his down-to-earth nature he can be found riding the waves—a silky hammock at the ready for the obligatory post-surf snooze.

Here, Ozzy shares his love of the ocean with his step-by-step guide to body surfing, his favorite album of the moment, and more.

On a surf trip I cant live without (board is a given)

An iPad mini loaded with books!

A silk hammock for relaxing and keeping cool in the tropics.

A good knife for slicing through any number of sticky situations.

Ozzys Guide To Body Surfing

– Observe the wave you are looking to surf. See where it’s breaking, how far out and with what kind rhythm.

– Decide wether to use a hand plane, fins, or just go without.

– Swim out to the break.

– Position your self right before where the wave breaks and turn and swim with the wave trying to match the speed it is moving.

– Feel the wave start to pick you up, and get your leading arm out in front of you to help you plane across the water.

– Enjoy the feeling of sliding down the face, try and put yourself in the curl!

Album of the Moment

I’m loving Metamodern Sounds In Country Music by Sturgil Simpson.

Life Philosophy

I try to take notice of all the small details of life. I try to make sure the journey gets as much attention as the destination.

Ozzy’s image comes courtesy of Garrett Leight California Optical. We suggest checking out their beautiful glasses to take with you on vacay.

Follow Ozzy on Twitter @OzzyLusth & Instagram @ozcardagrouch.