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We hop out of the pool and pull up a bar chair with Thompson Miami Beach bartender, Martin! Spending his sunny days poolside at Thompson Miami Beach, Martin Garcia is one of our awesome bartenders serving up the freshest, most insta-worthy cocktails throughout the summer. We dropped by the pool to chat to find out which seasonal fruits he’s mixing with, what he keeps stocked in his bar at home, and of course, the recipe for his signature summer drink.

 Martin Garcia
Occupation: Bartender at Thompson Miami Beach
Signature drink: The Red Rose, catch the recipe below

Favorite summer drink:
Cold beers or a mango Daiquiribest enjoyed while at the beach
Which three liquors and mixers should everyone have at home during the summer? Rum, vodka, and bourbon are my top three spirits. I always keep some Sprite, my favorite juice, and coke on hand for easy mixers
Favorite summer movie? Jurassic World
Best fruits to mix with, sourced from the Miami area? Guava, mango, and strawberries
Best or worst pick up line you’ve heard at the bar: ” Are you a keg? I’d like to tap that”
You know a guest knows their way around a bar when they: ask you to make a drink and give you the ingredients and portions for that drink
Recipe for the Red Rose:
1.5 oz Botanist Gin
1.5 oz homemade strawberry syrup
2 basil leaves
1 oz fresh lemon juice
A dash of lemon bitters
Plans for the summer?
I’m traveling quite a bit! I’ve already been to Las Vegas; I’m going on a cruise to the Caribbean; I’m also going to spend three days in the Bahamas. To finish the summer off, I’m going on a mission trip with my Dad to Bolivia.