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Motivated By Music 

Argentinian-born DJ, producer and composer, Ariel Aguisky (AKA Capri) is a musical Renaissance man—he fuses the sounds of classical music, like the melodic notes of the grand piano, with deep house beats, electro-pop synths, while honoring composers past and present and incorporating stunning video technology.

Twice nominated for the MTV Video Music Awards in Latin America, in 2004 he took home the coveted award for Best Independent Artist. Most recently, he collaborated with the German cult label Gomma, on a new new release “Moon Magic”. When he’s not traveling the world, sharing the stage with artists like Franz Ferdinand, Swedish House Mafia, Phoenix, and so many more, he can now be found spinning his evocative beats at The Cape, where he is the new resident DJ.

Here, the hottest music man in town, shares his favorite new albums, how the epic landscape and ocean surrounding The Cape inspires his music, and more. Even better? He’s created a special mix just for us inspired by The Cape.

As a child, what was the first music you were exposed to and how has it shaped your sound?

The first music I was exposed to was classical & jazz. My father was always showing me his favorite melodies and composers and my mother was a great piano player, and encouraged me to start lessons when I was nine. Classical and Jazz music is still with me—particularly the warm harmonies and string arrangements of classic music. Jazz gave me an understanding of groove and funk and shaped my emotional response to music.

How does your understanding of classical music influence your more indie and pop sounds?

Classical music is the basis of contemporary music, so it’s a good start! It helps me when I’m composing, making arrangements with strings or synth layers, and finding a nice melody for the voice or guitars.

How does the vibe in Los Cabos influence the music you make and the music you choose to play?

To use a metaphor, it’s like being inside that part of the movie when the music starts to build and you know that good things are coming, and the best scene is on its way. The ocean backdrop gives an expansive feeling to the complete soundtrack of the night. The desert reminds me of organic sounds and emotions. It’s a rare mix.

You just released “Moon Magic” (2015) with the German cult label Gomma. How did that collaboration come about?

I’ve known Munk (The Gomma owner) and his label since we started making music in 2001. We where part of the German electro scene in early 2000s. When he heard my songs I was invited to join his label and edit an EP.

Is there an album or band that changed your life as a teenager?

Daft Punk is the band that changed me—all my tastes and interests synthesized in their music. They’re brilliant! I had the chance to met them in Buenos Aires when they where playing and it was a great moment for me. I was in Paris touring in 2002 I met Pedro Winter (Busy P), their manager at that time, a very cool dude. Many years after, he introduced me to them in Argentina.

How has being from Argentina affected your sound?

Argentina has so many great musicians and composers and the musical culture there has taught me great things. Musicians like Astor Piazzola, Gustavo Cerati, Lalo Schifrin, inform my work. Also, I was fortunate enough to live through the alternative scene of the 90s—a very prolific and creative time in Argentinian music.

Which song always makes you want to dance? 

Songs that have an irresistible groove and a clever bass line.

Best album to play during a dinner party?

‘Who Made Who’ by Green Versions.

What’s currently on heavy rotation on your iPhone?

I’m really enjoying listening to the playlists that I mixed for The Cape. A collection of emotional indie songs, soul, deep House & groovy tunes. Two ways to start the journey are: Alex Barck Feat’s ‘Jonatan Bäckelie’, Doubter (Hannes Fischer Remix) & Kollektiv Turmstrasse’s ‘Addio Addio’.