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Festival of Life and Death Traditions

Out There

Take part in one of the most ancient celebrations in the world, the Day of the Dead

On the 10th Anniversary of the Festival of Live and Death Traditions, Xcaret Park brings together 50 Mayan communities that demonstrate their method of celebrating the Hanal Pixán or the Day of the Dead in Southern Mexico.

During the festival, you’ll have the change to taste traditional dishes offered to the souls like the stuffed white turkey and the mucbipollo, learn how Maya honor death, such as the custom to spread ashes to detect when a deceased person is present, or how they avoid glassware in the offerings because reflections can scare the souls of their loved ones. The festival also honors souls abandoned by their families, and those who wander from house to house. Each one has its altar with offerings, and a farewell party with lit candles, lighting up its return to the after-life. Admire the handicrafts exhibition of filigree, jipijapa, sisal, embroidery and melipona honey products. Music, dances and theater are also part of this celebration. Don’t miss it!

In addition, learn about the cultural richness of Colombia, the first country to be invited as a guest of honor. For this occasion, the Festival has the most representative talents of Andean music, all recipients of the Mono Núñez Award, given to the best performers of this genre in Latin America. The Nocturnal Duet formed by tenor, guitarist and composer Alfonso Ricardo Arrieta and baritone Vladimir Ardila, who throughout their career have won more than 10 awards in their native country, bring you the best of their compositions. Come and enjoy the perfect combination of the Mayan heritage and the beauty of Andean music in a special union of two brotherly countries.

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