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Thompson Hotels Miami Influencers X Rita De Alencar Pinto


An Artist Nailing It In Every Sense

In 2010, Rita de Alencar Pinto conceived Vanity Projects, a space/atelier where clients could watch video art while getting cutting edge manicures by internationally acclaimed nail artists. Now, during Art Basel 2015, she brings her Vanity Projects pop-up to Thompson Miami Beach, offering on-demand services for art patrons on the go.

Having started as a series of pop-ups at NADA Hudson, NADA Miami during Art Basel, and MoMA PS1, Pinto launched Vanity Projects salon in July 2013. Located in the lower east side of Manhattan, the salon features contemporary video art curated by international curators and screened while clients receive manicures by international celebrity nail artists, who are invited to the salon as part of an artist residency program. In May 2015, Vanity Projects opened their second location in Miami.

During Art Basel, Vanity Projects will offer both gel/polish manicures and pedicures. Appointments are available from 9:30am to 7:00pm. We suggest you call 786.292.3442 now to secure your spot. Here Pinto gives us her Art Basel survival guide and her tips for falls hottest nail art looks.

Why merge high-end nail art with video art programming?

Vanity Projects is positioned in a cultural context. Our goal is to re-shape the way people perceive and experience the video art medium. The salon environment allows for clients to take in moments or the whole work when they are relaxed and enjoying their services. Concurrent to that we aim to elevate the salon experience by the nail artist in residency program. Since 2010 we have worked with over 50 of the top international nail artists from Japan, Australia, Singapore, France, England and all across the United States. This unique opportunity allows for an increase in creativity and breeds an environment whereby the artists are encouraged and motivated by each other and their surroundings to produce their best work.  

How do you find the artists you collaborate with? 

Social media and Instagram are huge influencers as they are live records of artists work internationally. We are very active in this community and we discover artists or look at their work easily using this platform.

Can you give us your five tips to surviving Art Basel?

1. Get a mani/pedi prior to the start of the week so you and your feet are festive and open-toe shoe ready.

2. Planning your week out in advance so you can pace yourself is key.

3. Wear flats during the day no matter how cute your espadrille wedges are or how fancy the brunch is, you will be dying by the end of the day when you need your energy to fuel the party hopping schedule, same goes for the fair! ALWAYS wear flats to the fairs.

4. Hydrate while you drink. Being hungover in the sun in Miami is pretty unbearable and with the schedule so packed you want to have the stamina for the next fun filled night.

5. Bring a light layer with you during the evening and a hair tie. Events on the beach are windy and always mess with your hair so having a hair tie and a light cardigan or even a cute jacket is great so you can continue till late night.

Are any particular artists inspiring your nail art this year?

Yes. Jen Stark is a huge Basel 2015 inspiration. We have partnered with Cultured Magazine to produce a series of Jen Stark inspired manicures to celebrate her cover of the magazine. The manicures will be offered at our Miami Dispatch – on call nail services (hotel rooms, poolside and art fair booths), The Thompson Hotel Pop-Up, where we will be taking over a poolside cabana all week, The Littlest Sister art fair at Spinello Gallery in Little River and of course at the Vanity Projects salon, also in Little River.

What are your favorite nail art trends for fall?

Glass nails are a huge international trend right now. Its basically origami holographic foils on nails and I love the look. I am also a big fan of the knit nail look, whereby the gel creates a knitted pattern on the nail giving it some texture with a matte finish. Negative space is also consistently a great look, as it always looks chic and grows out nicely.