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Portrait of an Artist

Frank Arnold’s figurative paintings and elongated sculptures are evocative and haunting, inspiring intense introspection in the viewer. Arnold creates these unique coveted pieces from his home base and studio, and exhibits his work at the Frank Arnold Gallery, in the Gallery District in San José del Cabo, Mexico. When he’s not creating visual art, he’s making sure the Thursday night Art Walk is the liveliest event in town. He is also the author of Frank Arnold Speaks and the upcoming January 2016 release, Your Creative Imagination UNLOCKED – Become who you truly are, co-authored with Dr. Jim Maganiello. Here, the man of many talents gives us a rare glimpse into his artistic process.

What are the main themes in your work and where do these preoccupations come from?

For the most part, my work presents a solitary figure that may or may not include elements of shapes or characters such as numbers and letters. My titles speak to this, but the subject matter emerges from my inner core. I paint from a state of mind or mood that allows me to express myself. Much of this reaches back to my early years of self discovery, about being adopted, and stories from my life. But now I’m painting from present time and my feeling of life. I keep my meanings to myself, so what’s inside them is something I only really see in the painting after it’s complete. People should put their own meaning to each piece. This is what I mean with my quote “If you really see my art, you will see yourself and from there you may see life itself.”

How did you end up starting your own gallery in Cabo?

I had been searching for a place to live and work for sometime when I discovered Cabo. The town is a fantastic blend of centuries old buildings and modern influences with a thriving artist community and historic Gallery District The biggest gallery district in all of Mexico. In Mexico my studio, home, and gallery are all together in one location which allows me to work and display my work in one distinct place. I love Mexico and have become a Mexican Citizen. It’s my home.

What are your three of your favorite places in Cabo?

The first would have to be Gallery District in San José del Cabo of course, with all the other galleries and restaurants in the district it’s wonderful, it’s like a movie premier on Art Walk nights. Another for me would be my walks in the ARROYO to the Sea of Cortes with my dog Picasso. I just had dinner at the Cape last week it has on unreal view of the Sea of Cortes. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect place. Dinner at Manta is fabulous and a night cap at the upstairs lounge and bar is a great place to hear music.

How can an art lover make the most of Cabo?

The Thursday night Art Walk is a must. Galleries stay open late and the restaurants accommodate the late hours. The streets are alive with people from all over the world. I welcome hundreds of people in my gallery on these nights. It really is the highlight of the season.