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Thompson Hotels Miami Influencers X Tola Osokoya


Instagrammer Extraordinaire

Photographer Tola Osokoya has an open mind and a watchful eye—it’s this winning combination that fuels the bright and uplifting work that’s garnered him a cult following in Miami and around the globe. Check out his Instagram @Hi_Tola with over 175K followers if you don’t believe us. Here he shares his three favorite spots to shoot in Miami, and more.

Do you have a photo philosophy?

Capture the moment is a creed that I live by. Everything I’ve learned and know is all self taught. That said, I have a background in architecture and that’s where I learned how to develop a concept. I apply this same approach to every shoot I do today. In life I’ve learned to never take anything or anyone for granted and I try to always make the best of every situation.

Where do you live in Miami? Can you share your three favorite spots to shoot?

I live in Coral Gables, an historic area in Miami. My three favorite spots to shoot are at the new South Beach Pier, at Virginia Beach and the third is at the Blowing Rocks Preserve which is about a two hours drive from Miami. The sunrise there is always alluring.

You are very involved when Art Basel rolls around, what’s the best way to enjoy the art and cultural side of Miami the rest of the year? 

In my opinion it’s imperative to keep an open mind. Art is subjective. The exegesis of every piece you encounter shouldn’t be a mission, rather absorbing and enjoying the experience. Interact with the works you see, keep an open mind, and have fun. Miami is a melting pot of culture and personality. It’s part of what makes the city unique and its one the reason I love the city.