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Illustrated Maps, Thompson Hotels Edition


Say hello again to Carly Larsson, Brooklyn based artist who recently illustrated recipes of signature dishes and cocktails from our hotels. We were lucky enough to commission her again to create illustrated maps of our of cities. Take a look at her whimsical, beautiful versions of Playa del Carmen, Toronto, London, Cabo San Lucas, Miami Beach, Chicago, and Tribeca/FiDi in NYC.

We caught up with Carly to learn more about the creative process for this project, her personal favorite map, where she gets inspired, and her dream location for the next Thompson Hotel.

What was the process like in creating these maps?

First, I did research to see how to represent each city (the major shape of the outline, streets, and major points of interest in relation to one another). I did a lot of rough thumbnail sketches to figure out the overall design of each map. Then, I sketched out how I would symbolize each point of interest, and made mood boards with iconic colors of each city to determine the color palettes. I painted the maps in watercolor, drew each point of interest as a separate spot illustration, and put it all together in Photoshop.

Do you have a favorite?
I’d have to say The Cape. The colors are so fun, and I love the whale tail – I just wrapped up a 3 year project with Dalvero Academy on the history of whaling & whale conservation (currently on view at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut!), so that one’s pretty close to my heart. Whales use the shallow, warm waters off the Baja peninsula as nurseries, which makes The Cape a great spot for whale watching. 

If you could travel to any one of these places, which would you choose?
Tough one! Right now I’d have to choose The Cape. Winter temperatures are finally descending upon New York, and there’s nothing I’d love more than a tropical getaway – and to do some drawing on a whale watch.

How did you choose the locations to include?
I chose locations based on what I’d like to see as a visitor to each city – major iconic buildings and museums, plus a few restaurants or shops that are off the beaten path.

If you were to predict the next Thompson city, what would it be?

Take a walk around LondonTown, and experience history, art, culture, and luxury shopping all in one swoop.


1. Belgraves, A Thompson Hotel
2. Saatchi Gallery
3. Big Ben
4. Harrod’s
5. Kesington Palace
6. Hyde Park
7. Buckingham Palace
8. River Thames
Illustrated map of NYC's FiDi commissioned by the Thompson Hotels

​The new downtown is all the rage. Experience FiDi like never before, and visit some of our favorite lower Manhattan spots.
2. Felice
3. 1 World Trade Center
4. Statue of Liberty
5. Charging Bull
6. South Street Seaport
7. The Brooklyn BridgeIllustrated map of NYC's TriBeCa commissioned by the Thompson Hotels

Craving a weekend of luxury leisure and fine dining in Tribeca? Venture to some of our favorite metropolitan hideaways.
2. Little Park
3. Brookfield Place
4. Nili Lotan
5. Soho Playhouse
6. 1 World Trade Center
7. Bouley
Illustrated map of Cabo San Lucas commissioned by the Thompson Hotels

Escape with us to stunning Los Cabos, and experience natural beauty and luxury living all at the same time.
2. Manta
3. El Arco
4. Whale Watching
5. Flora Farms
Illustrated map of Playa del Carmen commissioned by the Thompson Hotels

Dance all night long, and by day explore this tropical paradise.
2. Coco Bongo
3. Snorkeling with Sea Turtles
4. Nature Tours
5. Mamita’s Beach Club
Illustrated map of Toronto Canada commissioned by the Thompson Hotels

Join us in Toronto, for an urban vacation and getaway to Canada’s most diverse cultural hub.
2. Roger’s Centre
3. CN Tower
4. Ripley’s Aquarium
5. Fort York
6. Canadian Natural Exhibition
7. Canadian Amphitheater
Illustrated map of Miami Beach commissioned by the Thompson Hotels

Imagine a day listening to the sounds of the ocean and swaying palm trees while you lounge under a pink striped umbrella, and an evening out on Miami Beach.
2. Seagrape Restaurant
3. The Forge Restaurant
4. Miami Beach Parasailing
5. Jet Ski Rentals & Tours
Illustrated map of Chicago commissioned by the Thompson Hotels
Enjoy every side (and season) of Chicago with our guide to all things Chi-Town.
2. Oak Street Beach
3. Museum of Contemporary Art
4. 360 Chicago
5. Navy Pier
6. Chicago River Walk
7. Cloud Gate