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Convict at Heart

Aussie-born Pete Maiden has always embraced his adventurous and rebellious spirit. After rowing for Australia and winning at the World Championships in Lithuania, he moved to the USA where he studied at UC Berkeley California. Next came a stint at Rolling Stone where he was a host and video producer. On the rise ever since, Maiden has directed and produced videos and documentaries for the likes of Spin, MTV, Vogue, and more, along with the music series at The Surf Lodge in Montauk each summer. Now he’s launched CONVICTS.NYC, a video channel platform, radio station and brick and mortar retail store in Nolita, New York, dedicated to showcasing Australian brands and promoting cultural exchange between Australia and the USA (with the support of the Australian Consular General). Here he talks about his exciting new venture and what we can look forward to from Convicts in 2016.

Also, be sure to check out the CONVICTS flagship store at 219C Mulberry St, in Nolita, NYC.

What makes the Aussie and American culture exchange so exciting for you? 

I think the willingness of Aussies and support of our American hosts is what makes it work. I also think we both love to have a good time and laugh goes along way for cultural relations.

Convicts is a truly multi-media platform including a retail store, online destination, video channel, and radio station. What’s the impulse behind this 360 degree approach?

Today, I think people experience stories and media on many different platforms and formats, so we have to connect our stories and content with audiences where they exist – web, social, podcast, there are so many points of contact with audiences we need to be a part of them to be relevant as a media brand.

What neighborhood do you live in? What are your three favorite spots to hang in your hood and around the Convicts store? 

I live in South Williamsburg and my favorite places in my hood are: Carino Mexcian; Diner; Freehold; and Baby’s Alright for live music.

Near the Convicts store in Nolita I love Randolph on Broome, Ruby’s, Cafe Habana, and Café Gitane.

What exciting things do you have in store for Convicts for 2016?

New brands exclusive to the US market, lots of events, live radio broadcasts! Fashion week events, and plenty of good chat.

How can we tune in to convicts radio? What kind of shows and collaborations can we look forward to? 

Right now we broadcast through our website and soundcloud/convictsnyc. We are looking at broadening to iTunes podcasts, live radio syndicated to Australia and an app at some point in the new year!