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Thompson Hotels Playa Del Carmen Influencers X Emma Faroh & Oscar Alonso


The Vegan Way of Life

When Oscar Alonso and Emma Faroh opened The Pitted Date Vegan Bakery and Café in Playa del Carmen they wanted to create an environment where likeminded people who care about health and sustainability could gather to share delicious food and forge community. “Veganism is not just a diet,” says Emma. “It’s a way of life.” Many people agree—and ever since the café opened it’s had a local cult following (vegan or otherwise) and visitors return again and again during their stay to experience their tasty vegan Panini, aromatic Dahl, brownies, tarts, ginger apple juice with chia, and more.

Find them on 26th Street between 5th Avenue and 10th Avenue. They’re open from 8:00am-9:00pm daily, but we suggest you go early because they sell out.

Is there a health and wellness scene in Playa? If so, can you recommend some other places you support and who share your values?

The health scene here in Playa is pretty decent and there are many expats that we have already connected with who share ideas and want to create solutions for a better Playa del Carmen. One of my personal goals connecting with like minded people through The Pitted Date is creating a solution to our abundant garbage issues. Coming from Vancouver, Canada I am a strict recycler and there really is no recycling program here that maintains consistency and functioning properly with some sort of schedule. We would recommend a few places to dine at that are similar to us, but we are the first 100% all vegan bakery and cafe to serve the Riviera Maya. I believe in sharing and creating a healthy community.

Can you share a simple vegan recipe with us?

Our Vegan Panini’s especially the Veggie Extreme include fresh vegan bread of course, house made Herbed Cashew Cream Cheese, Red Beet Hummus, a Lentil Chickpea Patty loaded with flavor and stack packed with fresh veggies like shredded carrots and avocado. Of course I include a Garlic or Chipotle Mayo for your dipping pleasure.  Our signature soups & salads are becoming irresistible as well.

How can we best enjoy The Pitted Date experience? Do you have a signature item that we shouldn’t miss?

If you are craving a hot lunch item, I would recommend our Dahl that everyone says needs to be on the menu all the time. Its my version of Mexico meets India with a lentil/black bean curried base with aromatic spices of India and coconut milk finished with fresh sliced avocado, a sweet cashew coconut yogurt, sprinkled with sautéed jalapeños served with garlic chia flax seed crackers. Gotta have the lemon lime ginger apple juice with chia too as the beverage of choice to help with ailments and digestion. We make fresh creamy almond milk daily! I would recommend an Almond Milk Cappuccino with our Maple Pecan Pie and Vanilla Ice-cream.