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Transport to the Tropics With Our Pineapple Mango Daiquiri

Food & Drink

Emily Arden Wells of GastronomistaWhips Up a Tropical Delight

The city of Miami is a series of communities strung together by jaw-droppingly gorgeous beaches.  Miami’s iconic neighborhoods include Wynwood, the epicenter of Art Basel and Miami’s burgeoning art scene; Ocean Drive, filled with Art Deco architecture that is illuminated by colorful neon signs at night; and Little Havana, filled with authentic Cuban restaurants and coffee shops. The latin influence in Miami is undeniable. Much of the city speaks Spanish and the city boasts a large Cuban-American Population, which is often credited for giving Miami its distinct culture that has influenced everything from the arts to the food to the cocktails.

The Daiquiri is a classic cocktail that can be traced to Cuba, named after an idyllic beach on the Northern Coast of the island.  The drink is believed to have been created before 1909 and since its popularization in 1940s has become a mainstay in any notable cocktail bar.  A classic Daiquiri is made with white rum, fresh lime juice, and simple syrup, a crisp and bright cocktail, served up and favored by famous imbibers such as Ernest Hemingway.  This tropical take on the classic is made with white rum infused with fresh pineapple and fresh mango juice – a refreshing cocktail perfect for enjoying under an umbrella poolside or in a beachfront cabana enjoying one of Miami’s colorful sunsets.

Pineapple Mango Daiquiri

Created by Emily Arden Wells of Gastronomista

2 oz Pineapple Infused Bacardí Superior Rum

1 oz Fresh Lime Juice

¾ oz Fresh Mango Juice

¾ oz 1:1 Simple Syrup

Shake with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail coupe.  Garnish with a fresh orchid.

Pineapple Infused Rum

2 Cups Bacardí Superior Rum

½ Fresh Pineapple Sliced

Add rum and sliced pineapple to a non-reactive container such as a glass bottle.  Let sit for 2-3 days, strain and keep for 1-2 months.

Emily Arden Wells is the Editor and Founder of the cocktail and travel blog  Gastronomista.  Follow her on instagram at @xxGastronomista.