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Thompson Hotels NYC Influencers x Rebecca Smith


Wearable garments for the style-conscious individual.

RECLINER was launched in November ’15 by British native Rebecca Smith, who has lived in New York City for twelve years driving innovation for a variety of brands across the fashion industry. Rebecca spearheaded the global re-launch of the celebrity magnet Herve Leger, ran the Americas wholesale business for kitsch British label Lulu Guinness and directed global sales, merchandising and partnerships for the sartorial traveler’s brand, WANT Les Essentiels.

Rebecca has always had a passion helping to develop brands that are aspirational but remain affordable. Says Rebecca: “I couldn’t find a brand I identified with. Sleepwear is such an essential category but was lacking in innovation: old-fashioned cuts, poor fits, pricing that made no sense… The market needed waking up”.

RECLINER offers product that is very much 21st century in its lifestyle aesthetic. To Rebecca, “Sleepwear is a very personal product: comfort is paramount, but there is no reason why style should be sacrificed for comfort. RECLINER offers that little piece of stylish home comfort, wherever your travels take you.”

Customers celebrate the label for it’s conversational prints, which are designed in-house in NYC. “It all began with the Newspaper print – I was reading the New York Times one Sunday afternoon, and I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to lounge in this?’ For Rebecca, the prints are personal: “I am inspired by my immediate environment; the Cityscape print is an ode to the beauty of New York City at night – which is even more magical when viewed from the coziness of indoors.”

RECLINER offers a mobile friendly e-commerce site. “Sleepwear typically gets poor real estate in stores, and service is lacking. Our customer is a mover. We had to offer a simple, on-the-go shopping experience.”

Fun plays a vital role in the brand. “Novelty should always go hand in hand with necessity. We try to inject that fun element into everything we do – from our social communications, to our prints and packaging. Just because it’s Sleepwear, it doesn’t have to be a snore.”

RECLINER is available to purchase in the USA through and is sold exclusively around theworld through