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Thompson Hotels Toronto Influencers X Madison Moore


Meet Madison Moore, Toronto based artist/designer who creates digital art pieces and designs derived from photographs. We caught up with Madison to learn how she takes ordinary photos and makes them extraordinary, how music plays a huge role in her artistic life, and more.

Where are you from? 

I was born in Toronto, Ontario. I believe the city of Toronto has played a huge part in my career as an artist and designer. The city itself is home to so many amazing, inspiring, and talented people that push me to be better. My city is not only a big part of who I am as an artist but as an individual.

What is your earliest artistic memory? Have you always known this is what you want to do?

I only started designing and creating these digital pieces about a year ago, so I don’t have too much before that. I’ve always been attracted to art growing up but didn’t pursue this interest until recently. I was going through a hard time personally and began to get back into sketching again, for comfort and distraction.  Soon enough I started developing my own digital style. It wasn’t until I started posting my stuff and getting positive responses from friends asking me to do pieces for them that I really started devoting time to it. Soon enough I had musicians, small businesses, and even marketing companies asking me for work. This is when I really knew this was more than just a hobby and was what I wanted to do. I then started branding myself as an artist and reaching out to other artist’s to collaborate with, and here I am today.

Where do you go to get inspired?

I create digital art and designs derived from photographs. I am inspired by modern art and can appreciate its beauty and ability to break artistic boundaries. It is my vision to take everyday moments and create art that not only inspires but let’s viewers imaginations run wild. I want viewers to see beyond the photograph itself but its potential in todays modern world. It is my goal to move viewers in the utmost unexpected way. Most of my inspiration comes from other artists. I love to keep up to date on what other artists are doing, to up the creative field. This not only inspires me but also pushes me.

Is there a time of day or environment that is best for creating or illustrating?

I get some of my best work done at night, the stillness in the night makes it so easy to work,  its like time stops at night; I usually get so submerged into my work I forget what time it is anyways. On the other hand when I first started illustrating I would go to places that moved me and triggered my creativity. I always liked going to the airport to sketch, there was just something magical about the airport; people coming and going, greeting their loved ones and sending them off. I found so much hope and happiness there, that it inspired a lot of my work.

Share something not many people may know about you.

Music plays a huge part in my life as an artist. Growing up I played several instruments and was always surrounded by musical influences. I was raised on classical music, guys like Vivaldi, Mozart and Bach where always playing in my house.  There is no question that being surrounded by this kind of musical talent influences my art. I find that I can now appreciate all genres of music and find different kinds of inspiration in each. I still enjoy listening to classical music, when I go visit my grandmother its the first thing I hear when I wake up in the morning.

Do you have a favorite project or piece?

Of course! I, like any artist, have pieces that I am particularly more proud of. This piece here was one of the first ones I ever created, sometimes I cannot even believe I’m the one who made it.

Favorite tool in art to work with?

My art career started in a sketchbook and eventually transitioned to the computer, where I mostly use Illustrator to design. Obviously this is my most popular tool now but my sketchbook will always be where my heart lies. My sketchbook is a lot more personal to me as not many people have seen it, its almost like a diary.

What is a typical work day like for you?

A work day for me usually entails my computer, a lot of coffee and some good music. Although, I love what I do so I wouldn’t consider it work at all.

Do you ever have Creative/Artist block? If so, how do you combat it?

All the time, like any artist sometimes I struggle with creative block, usually I find this is caused by lack of motivation or inspiration. As mentioned before, my strategy to over come this is to simply keep myself interested by working on multiple parts of the piece at once or multiple pieces at once. Consistently working on the same thing for too long I found can result in frustration and impatience which usually discourages me to work.

Any dream collaborations or projects you’d love to do someday?

The big dream would be to someday have a gallery and also to have my art come to life in that gallery, in animation or in sculpture. I would also love to incorporate my art with more classical traditional forms of art, I think that would be really cool. There are so many amazing things I want to do and so many amazing artist and photographers out there that I would love to collaborate with. I wouldn’t even know where to start. It would be amazing to work with not only artists but fashion designers, music producers, animators and all sorts of different kinds of artists. Art is not refined to simply a canvas there are so many different possibilities to create something innovative and amazing, and that is one of the most exciting parts of what I do.