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What’s your secret sauce?

With the tag line “I ain’t afraid of no pepper,” you might have some idea of the culinary shenanigans that will go down at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo April 23rd–24th in Brooklyn’s newest and sleekest exhibition space. Join more than 45 hot-sauce vendors (Queen Majesty, Jersey Bonfire, Ghost Scream among them) from around the world and die-hard compatriots for some high-octane, hot-sauce loving.

The weekend happenings include the El Jimador–sponsored Margarita Mix-Down Championship, where bartenders compete to see whose zesty cocktail taste the best, and spicy food–eating contests (featuring pizza, chicken wings, and tacos). Champs of sauce will be announced at the Screaming Mi Mi Awards, in categories such as Asian Style, Fruit-Based, and Best Hot Sauce Label Artwork. And five very lucky people will be inducted into The Hot Sauce Hall of Fame. If this doesn’t sound like fun, we may have to check you for a pulse.