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The English School of Falconry

Out There

Experience a most British past time

Have you ever witnessed an owl flying, eagle diving, or hawk hunting? Now you can at the Birds of Prey Centre, one of the largest bird conservation organizations (with over 300 birds) in the U.K.

The English School of Falconry, within the grounds, is as wonderful as it sounds—it conjures a Harry Potter–esque land of times past—yet, this is real life and it’s waiting for you. There are many exciting workshops and events on offer like afternoon tea with the owls, a little and large birds of prey experience, as well as photography classes with renowned wildlife photographer Darren Harbor. This special place isn’t exclusively about birds; horses, ponies, alpacas, cows (for milking), a chickens roam the luscious grounds—kids can even pan for gold if they need a break from their feathered friends. Plan your visit here.