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The renowned stylist finds her happy place

For stylist, designer, and entrepreneur Elyse Walker what you wear helps you have a more successful day. Her unique understanding of this simple fact has seen her elegant namesake store in the Pacific Palisades, California, quadrupled in size since opening in 1999. It is also testament to her talent for knowing what women want to where and when. For kicking back, Walker’s fashion choices shift to reflect her calmer state of mind. And where does she go to find that happy place? Her very own casa in the serene hills of San Jose Del Cabo.

Here, she shares her favorite places in Cabo, what to pack for a sexy and chic vacation look, and more. Follow her on Instagram @elysewalker for her up-to-the-moment fashion favorites.

How does your style evolve when you’re on vacation in Cabo?

I love taking on the culture of where I am and my surroundings (especially when I travel)! No matter where I go, I love incorporating the local style. In Mexico, I tend to stick with a no-fuss, beachy hair look, shimmery light makeup, flip flops, prints, a boho beach bag, and straw hats (a must)!

What trends are you loving for summer 2016?

A lot of long, flowy dresses in white, and I am also really into coral.

What 5 items will you always pack for Cabo? 

A Missoni cover up, a Zimmerman dress, Eugenia Kim straw hat, a Balenciaga tote, and a Talisa cover up.

What’s your number-one style tip?

Never wear something in which you are not comfortable. If it’s not flattering, just cut it. Feel comfortable in the styling and the items that you wear and then it’s one less thing to think about!

What do you love most about Cabo?

I love so much about Cabo: the people, the food, and the gorgeous weather. The most beautiful thing you can fill your home with is your friends and family. We bring our friends every month and last from 10 in the morning until 10 at night.

Three of our favorite spots include:

  • Flora Farm (a 5 min drive from our house). You must try the chicken burger, a gardentini (which is basically an ivy gimlet and if you ask, they will make it for you), and they have the best homemade granola!
  • Docs Wine Bar Cabo – It’s an Italian spot with a great wine list. You should pre-order a salt-encrusted sea bass.
  • When we go sailing (which is basically during every trip that we take down to Cabo) we always take the boat downtown and stop at The Office for lunch. They have the best fish tacos and guacamole. Oh, and definitely with a skinny frozen margarita, no salt.