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Thompson Hotels Playa Del Carmen Influencers X Mara Hoffman


We’ve been a huge fan of Mara Hoffman for quite some time, and were thrilled when she decided to shoot a few shots of her latest Spring 2016 Collection at Thompson Playa Del Carmen.

We caught up with Mara to find out about the inspiration behind her latest collection, what makes for the perfect swimsuit fit, packing essentials for any beach vacation, and what she’d bring with her on a desert island.

What drew you to Mexico to shoot your latest 2016 swim collection?
Mexico’s endless beauty, shown through the landscape, people, and culture.

This collection is colorful and features geometric kaleidoscopic prints. Can you share the inspiration behind this playful collection?
The collection is a 1970’s celebration of color and freedom.

Do you listen to music when you design? If so, is there an album (or song) that suits this collection best?
When I’m in deep design mode, I’m always in my office jamming to music. I really love anything Van Morrison, Sister Nancy, Neville Brothers, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and Bob Marley.

What should we look for in a swimsuit fit?
A suit that brings out your best assets and makes you feel comfortable.

Is your approach to life reflected in your designs? If so, how and why is this important to you?
Without a doubt. Typically, I find that women come to us during the happiest times in their lives: vacation, parties, graduations, etc. I love designing for those moments. My team and I approach our days with lightness and positivity, so I think that attitude plays into the overall look and feel of the brand.

What are your 5 packing essentials for a beach vacation?
A wrap that I can use as a turban, sarong, and beach blanket
La Mer Face Sunscreen (Protecting Fluid)
My book of the moment
Juice Press Ginger Tabs for an immunity boost during travel

You shot some of your S/S 2016 campaign at the Thompson in Playa del Carmen. What was it about the vibe and location of the hotel that made you want to shoot there?
Thompson Playa Del Carmen had an amazing rooftop with gorgeous views of the ocean.  I was obsessed with the stacked fans – they were such a cool and unique detail.  The hotel had all around beautiful designs.

You obviously (hopefully!) spend a lot of time at the beach or poolside relaxing with family and friends. Can you share a favorite drink or poolside refreshment that you love?
Mojito and water, water, water (with lemon) – gotta stay hydrated.

What is your go-to summer outfit that you know always looks and feels good?
I’m pretty consistent and straight forward. During the day, you’ll typically see me wearing vintage Levis or white jeans with a tank or linen button down. When I go out at night – a breezy, comfy dress of mine with some simple sandals. Anything that is easy and not too fussy makes me feel good. I’m pretty casual most of the time.

What three things would you take with you to a desert island?
My husband, Javier
My son, Joaquin
A water purifier