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Eye of Toronto

Kajeh Mehrizi, the co-founder of Kajart Studio, one of the most innovative animation and graphic design firms in Toronto, has always tried to look at things differently. “I like to find odd angles or shapes, play with positive and negative spaces, perspectives, lines, and the composition of the frame.” His unique eye can be seen and appreciated @kajeh (on Instagram) where he captures his home city in all its glory. Here, Mehrizi shares the best places to take pics in Toronto and more.

When did you interest in photography begin?

I have been taking photos ever since I was a kid. I owned my very first film camera at the age of 9, which was my parent’s old camera, and my first digital camera when I turned sixteen.

How did you transition into making it your career?

I studied Animation Arts and Film. I have been on both production sets and also worked as an artist on post productions for a long time so you can see how relative my professional work is to my favorite hobby and passion, photography.

What’s your favorite neighborhood in Toronto? What are three of your favorite spots?

I really like shooting in financial district for achieving the movement and the life of the city. Having tall buildings covered with thousands of windows, roofs to climb time to time, it gives me the opportunity to get creative and think outside of the box. The Toronto Thompson Hotel patio has a great view over the city, I have gone up there to shoot the city line couple of times. I also find myself shooting near the lake (Lake Ontario), mostly in Scarborough Bluffs area every time I want to shoot long exposures and do some light paintings or even star catching (night sky photography).

I also love landscape and nature photography; which north of Toronto offers a good variety of that.

Do you have any exciting projects coming up that you’re excited about?

I am now putting together a collection of my photos for an art exhibition which has me excited, we are also working on a stop-motion poppet animation which I can’t wait to see the final product!