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Thompson Hotels X Tribeca Film Festival: Your Must-See Film Guide


New York’s beloved Tribeca Film Festival hits all the marks this year with an array of eclectic and genre-bending films (as well as star-studded guaranteed-good-time flicks) that will warm your heart and thrill the film buff bursting inside of you.

With so many to epic films to choose from, we’ve narrowed them down so you can get your festival started stat. Check out our go-to picks below.

Gripping Drama Fix

First-time director Bill Purple delivers with “The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.” After the accidental death of his free-spirited pregnant wife, Penny (a luminous Jessica Biel), reserved architect Henry (Jason Sudeikis) struggles to find meaning in his life and in the work that once consumed him. When Henry is drawn to a mysterious young runaway named Millie (Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams) all sorts of strange and wonderful things unfold. Add a score from first-time film composer Justin Timberlake and you’ve got an absorbing tale that will keep you thinking long after the lights come up.

A Mind for Music

Famed DJ Steve Aoki will kick out the jams in person with a musical performance at the Beacon Theatre after a screening of his documentary, “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.” Follow this with another masterful music doc “Bad Rap,” directed by Salima Koroma about Asian America hip-hop artists. The film follows the lives and careers of four artists trying to break into a world that often treats them with indifference—but not for long.

Directorial Debut to Watch

Katie Holmes’ shows us what she’s got in “All We Had,” based on Annie Weatherwax’s 2014 novel of the same name. In this coming-of-age drama Ruthie continually makes the best of her mother Rita’s (played by Holmes) hard luck. When their attempt at settling in a new town hits a stumbling block, even Ruthie struggles to keep it together. This film marks a refreshing new career twist for Holmes.

A Fusion of Music & Cinematic History

On Sunday April 17th, legendary DJ and producer Z-Trip will offer his eclectic and energizing musical take on the Harold Lloyd silent classic “Safety Last!” Z-Trip performs his original score live, with a mix of soundscapes, samples, and live turntablism. Don’t miss out on this hot ticket.

French Cinema at its Best

Christian Vincent’s feature “Courted” has already been recognized in France with three nominations at France’s César Awards. Now, New York audiences get to savor this meditation on class, race, and romance. In “Courted” Vincent introduces audiences to the formidable Judge Xavier Racine (Fabrice Luchini), known for his stoicism in the courtroom. That is, until a French-Danish juror, Ditte Lorensen-Coteret (Sidse Babett Knudsen from Danish television series Borgen), is confirmed for a contentious case he is presiding over. Now, Racine finds it increasingly difficult to separate his personal life from his professional life. Let the

Relationship Drama (That’s Not Yours…Phew!)

In “Between Us” Dianne (Olivia Thirlby) and Henry (Ben Feldman) are cracking under the pressure to marry. They’ve been together so long, what are they waiting for? When they abandon their bohemian lifestyle in Los Angeles and move to the burbs both feel the temptation to stray, setting in motion a series of cataclysmic events—good and bad.

BONUS: See your favorite filmmakers (in the flesh) talking about their work at the Tribeca Talks. Director Alfonso Cuarón will talk about his career, from the indie hit Y Tu Mamá También to blockbuster Gravity. Actor-singer Idina Menzel will talk with film and theater producer Marc Platt about the challenges of working between mediums, and Australian filmmaker Baz Luhrmann and Nelson George will explore exhilaration in crossing genres. Get your tickets here.