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Catch a Flick at a Top Film Festival

Founded in 1976, the Seattle International Film Festival brings alternative cinema, movies by Chinese directors, newly restored footage, and more to the city. Galas, parties, and events throughout the festival provide additional opportunities to celebrate, cocktail in hand.

Over the course of 25 days, the festival will present over 450 features, short films, and documentaries from over 80 countries. You could go the usual route and purchase a ticket to a particular film, or your could buy a special “Secret Festival” pass to attend the screenings that occur on the four Sundays of the festival at 11am sharp. Why so secret? Because these are films the festival isn’t supposed to show, that have legal issues and cannot be publicly screened, have been promised to premiere at festivals later in the year, or have been mistakenly sent to the festival. It’s a good option, but only for the tight-lipped. Participants must sign a legally binding non-disclosure document (AKA take an oath of silence).