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Party Like Gatsby!


Time travel to the 1920s with the Jazz Age Lawn Party

Bill Cunningham, The New York Times photographer and fixture of the fashion scene, once said of the Jazz Age Lawn Party: “I can’t think of a more delightful way to spend a weekend in the city.” If you attend the fête, you’ll certainly see some great outfits. Attendees deck themselves in 1920s era clothing—suspenders, flapper dresses, straw hats, the works.

But great people watching is just one of the weekend’s many activities. Michael Aranella and his Dream Land Orchestra will play Hot Jazz and Gelber & Manning Band will introduce feuding vaudevillian lovebirds into their performance. On the lawn, guests can check out antique gramophones, take dance lessons, and view cars from the 1920s. In previous years, tasty offerings such as lobster, Korean barbeque, and empanadas have complemented specialty Prohibition-era cocktails.

Held on Governors Island, the festivities run Saturday, June 11th and Sunday, June 12th. Buy your tickets here. Discover fashion inspiration or just get psyched to time travel by following the party @jazzagenyc.