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Art & Design

Kensington Market Gets Crafty

From 12–7PM on Sunday, June 26th, visit a curated outdoor art fair in Toronto’s historic neighborhoods, focusing on two- and three-dimensional art. Need a piece to hang above the sofa? Dying for a garden sculpture or some new jewelry? Try your luck here. The fair provides a platform for students and professionals. Develop relationships with some of the exhibitors and watch out for their new work at upcoming iterations. Check out the list of artists in advance at this link.

Kensington Market itself has a long artistic history. Throughout the years, musicians, writers, painters, and photographers have all lived here. Artist Frank Gehry and urban studies icon Jane Jacobs both used the area as a source of inspiration. Additionally, the market features indoor galleries, graffiti, busking, and a host of events throughout the year.

Kensington Market Art Fair is located at 77 Nassau Street, Kensington Market, Toronto, ON