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The Gifted Storyteller

When Aussie-born, New York-based journalist Alice Wasley isn’t interviewing the likes of Ryan Gosling, Seth Myers, and Margot Robbie for publications like Vanity Fair Italia,Escape, and Bloomberg Business Week (to name a few), she can be found zipping around the world researching hard-hitting investigative pieces. Her latest, on the legalization of marijuana for Marie Claire Australia has prompted important conversations in Australia and abroad. Before landing in the Big Apple, Wasley was the Senior Writer then Features & Entertainment Editor of Sunday Style magazine, supplement to Sydney’s The Sunday Telegraph and Melbourne’s The Herald Sun in Australia. Here, she shares her best celeb interview moment, her favorite spots in NYC, and reveals one hot tip to kick off a good conversation.Who has been your most fun interview to date? Why?

Kelly Osbourne is possibly the least-guarded celeb I’ve interviewed. I guess growing up on reality TV will cure you of any shyness! We drank champagne in her dressing room and had a few laughs. She was determined to “steal” a few bottles of the champagne to take to a dinner party. I pointed out that they were for her, so she could probably just take them.

You interview celebs a lot. Do you have any go-to questions that always get the conversation going?

I tend to try to make them laugh as quickly as possible to break the ice. Usually at my own expense. Sometimes at theirs.

You recently did a hilarious story for Marie Claire about renting a mum in New York. Did she introduce you to any special NYC haunts or shift your experience of NYC?

Mostly, it just reminded me that there’s no substitute for the real thing, no matter how much she gets on your nerves. It was comforting to talk to someone who understood the challenges of living here, though. And she baked brownies for me!

Where have you lived in NYC? Can you share three of your favorite go-to spots?

I’ve lived in Nolita and Harlem. In NoLita, I love the Thai restaurant Uncle Boon’s and McNally Jackson Books is perfectly curated and just a lovely place to spend time in. In Harlem, I would be very sad without Manhattanville Coffee just down the street. Great coffee, friendly staff, cool vibe.

How would you spend your dream day off in NYC?

I would wake up to a crisp fall day, meet a couple of friends, grab a coffee and go for a wander in Central Park, head to the Met (which would be cleared of the public just for us), then I would see Hamilton because I have tickets (you said “dream”) followed by dinner at my favorite restaurant Estela, specifically the ricotta dumplings with mushrooms and pecorino sardo.