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Cabo’s Biggest Cheerleader

Born and raised in Cabo, Carmen Alucano loves her city. As the floor manager at The Office, she’s able to help make both locals and tourists feel at home while they enjoy traditional Mexican food. She’s worked at the restaurant for more than five years and has said, “my office is at paradise.”

The restaurant itself is far from your typical workplace. Always featuring bright colors and aromas, and often featuring live music, The Office is a vibrant spot to meet and dine. Plus, tables on the beach provide incredible ocean vistas.

Alucano spoke to us about why she won’t leave Cabo, festivities at The Office, and why visitors should really see a sunset when they’re in town.

I read that you are from Cabo. What do you love about the area, and what has kept you there?

Cabo is my favorite place in the world. I feel blessed to be a true Coyera! We are called like this because of the Choyas, local cacti that you’ll see everywhere in Cabo. Every time I look out a plane window, I fall in love again with this place. The amazing view of our little mountains, the ocean and desert, and the greens of the golf courses all form a perfect and unique combination. All this makes me feel at home at my quiet little paradise, a very safe place. Cabo San Lucas has a lot to offer. Its people are friendly and warm. They are the most important reasons to stay here. I have my family and my job, and I spend every day with the people I love.

What are some of your favorite events at The Office?

You don’t want to miss our Mexican Fiesta every Thursday. You’ll experience the truly Mexican ambience & flavor—its music, dances and food. New Years Eves are unforgettable at Medano Beach. The best event ever happens each October, when we return from vacations: we have a special ceremony, starting in the morning, to celebrate the beginning of the season. We step along the beach and send balloons to the sky with messages and good vibes for everyone. All our income from our first day goes to the local Fire Department and Red Cross.

When you’re not working, where are some spots in Cabo where you like to go?

On my day off, I do what I like most: going with my family to the Off Road races, a very old tradition for the locals. One of the biggest events is the Baja 1000. When are no races, I like to walk along the Marina during the fishing tournaments, not the big ones, but those that help non-profit organizations. Those are worth watching. I also love to walk along the ocean and watch the Arch and Bay from my favorite spot (Misiones Beach by Thompson). Once a week l drive my car, delivering box lunches for the boys on the streets. I love the diversity of restaurants in town. I frequently enjoy a glass of wine, nice music, and a great movie.

What are some of your favorite dishes on The Office’s menu, and what do you love about them?

That’s not easy! I’ll say the novelettes and chilaquiles in the morning. Our whole fish either deep fried or grilled is to die for it, served with handmade fresh tortillas. Yummy. At night you can’t miss the special combinations: scampi, imperial or coconut shrimps with steak or pasta. I love the mixture between Baja and Guerreran cuisine as well as the local fresh seafood. You’ll have the most amazing homemade Caesar salad of your life prepared at your table.

Every single activity is here. For this reason, I love Cabo San Lucas and I am very proud of my Choyera roots. Even the simplicity of watching an incredible sunset or sunrise. The colors, the clouds, and the scenery each offer something unique. Go wherever you may have the chance to watch them. It’s up to you to be there for it and make it happen!