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Cabo Cooking

Food & Drink

Channel Your Inner (Julia) Child

Inspired by some of the wonderful food you’ve been eating in Mexico? Take a cooking class with Cookin’ Vallarta. Begin with a visit to local markets and the Tortillería for the freshest ingredients in Cabo. After making the selection, head to the chef’s home for hands-on instruction. The chef will share some of his family’s traditional recipes and guide you in new kitchen techniques. Most importantly, enjoy the food once you finish!

MONDAY: Fish in Veracruz Sauce and seafood soup

TUESDAY: Tamales (chicken or pork or beef)

WEDNESDAY: Huazontles (Aztec vegetarian dish)

THURSDAY: Beef Birria (in Adobo sauce)

FRIDAY: Carnitas or Pork in Tomato Sauce


EVERYDAY: Two or more varying salsas, homemade tortillas, side dishes, dessert

*Small group class limited to 8 people

Runs: Daily except Sundays.

Duration: 4 hours.